Countdown to CPR in Schools Report


The countdown has begun...The NYS Department of Education is required to issue a report to the NYS Board of Regents by April 19th.  Many of you have taken actions to help get us where we are - we've reached out to lawmakers, the Governor; we've tweeted and posted on Facebook; we've shared our stories with friends, family and the media; we've called, emailed and written letters...and we're in the final stretch.  We know CPR in Schools will save lives and that is why we keep sending messages to the Board of Regents.  One person that has bravely shared her story is Katarina Weigel. 

On July 15th, 2010, Katarina was at her high school volleyball practice.  She doesn't know what happened next but the people around her remember.  She went into sudden cardiac arrest.  Her coaches performed CPR and used the automatic external defibrillator. She doesn't  look like the face of sudden cardiac arrest.  She was just 15.  Since that time she has learned that sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anytime. The faces of sudden cardiac arrest will surprise you.  

Now she has educated her high school about the importance of CPR, shared her story with elementary school children and adults, used social media to push for CPR in schools an attended numerous events explaining how easy CPR can be learned and preformed. 

And this week...she reached out to each and every member of the Board of Regents to tell them to say YES to CPR in Schools.

If you want to help NYS become the 22nd state to have CPR training in our schools, please email Julianne Hart at [email protected].


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