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Councilmember Alexander Promotes CPR


On February 22, Councilmember Yvette Alexander hosted a CPR training as part of her Leadership Council Meeting. Two AHA volunteers, Sergeant Michael Forrest and Dionne Bush, led the training and taught CPR, AED, and choking relief skills to community members from Ward 7.

Sergeant Michael Forrest is an AHA volunteer and the CPR Training Coordinator for DC Fire and EMS Training Academy. Dionne Bush is an AHA Mission Committee Member, an AHA Ambassador, and the CEO and Senior Instructor of DionneInc.

The American Heart Association stresses the importance of learning CPR, because almost 80% of cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital. About 92% of those victims don’t survive because people around them don’t perform CPR. Therefore, it is critical that family and community members learn CPR and be ready to use it. AHA recognizes and thanks Councilmember Alexander for her efforts to encourage and promote CPR training and Mike Forrest and Dionne Bush for their service as AHA volunteers and CPR trainers.

Attendees at the meeting received CPR Anytime Kits. The kits contain everything needed to learn basic CPR, AED skills and choking relief in just 22 minutes. Visit to purchase a CPR Anytime Kit, so you can learn CPR and be more prepared to help someone if they go into cardiac arrest.





Councilmember Alexander , seen here,

practiced her CPR skills at the event

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