Coordinated Stroke System Can Improve Patient Outcomes


Stroke is a leading cause of disability and the fifth leading cause of death in New Hampshire.  Stroke, like a heart attack or cardiac arrest, is a time sensitive medical condition.  Time is of the essence in treating stroke, but in far too many cases, a fragmented and disorganized delivery system prohibits patients from receiving the treatments that can improve and even save their lives. The NH Stroke Collaborative is working to build a strong system of care for stroke patients.  From prevention education to a healthcare delivery system to treat stroke and ensure the best outcomes for stroke patients, much needs to be done to reduce deaths and disability from stroke. The AHA believes that leadership and resources at the state level are needed to help develop and implement coordinated systems of care for acute conditions to improve patient outcomes. The state of New Hampshire can – and should -  do more to support the development of a strong stroke system of care.

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