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Cool Refreshing Idea to Encourage Water Drinking


Now, this is just cool.

The Maine Legislature just installed a water refill station at the State House. I carry a water bottle with me but it is really hard to refill it at the water fountains (I can only fill it about 1/2 way) and impossible in the sinks. I had heard about these from the lobbyist for the YMCAs in Maine. Apparently they have installed them in schools in Washington State. I think all Maine schools should have at least one of these.

After I heard about Washington State, I started asking around. Apparently there are schools in Maine with these stations already. However, there are also schools whose plumbing is behind brick and therefore they would be hard and more expensive to install.

What do you think about an initiative that puts these in all new schools and in schools where the burden would not be too great? Then, schools could talk to local businesses about donating water bottles….or boosters can sell them as fundraisers! Once that is accomplished, we can work on those old schools. Their students deserve appealing, fresh, cold water too.

Great for the environment and kids’ health! Let me know what you think and if you have seen these elsewhere. [email protected].

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