Congress: Cosponsor the South Asian Heart Health Act

Investing in medical research can save lives. That is a fact that cannot be argued against. That’s why we were so happy to announce, that earlier this year for the third straight year, Congress passed a bill that increased funding for medical research conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Despite that good news, heart disease and stroke remain the number 1 and 5 leading causes of death, respectively, in the United States and we need your help to reverse this deadly trend.

Please email your lawmakers as soon as possible asking them to support increased funding for NIH and CDC.

Unlike most things in Washington D.C., this is a bipartisan issue. NIH and CDC have broad support from both sides of the aisle, but Congress won’t act unless they hear from you.

Medical breakthroughs and cures have helped change history, but they would not have been possible without supporting vital research and prevention programs.

Please make your voices heard loud and clear by quickly sending this pre-filled, editable email to your lawmakers urging them to increase medical research funding.