Congress Takes a Break – Advocates Take Action!


Each year during August, Congress goes into recess and lawmakers return to their districts.  This is a great opportunity for advocates to take action locally!  You’re the Cure advocates have been out visiting offices and providing important information about the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA). 

On August 17th, Dr. Joey Skelton and Brenner FIT hosted a healthy cooking demonstration and discussion about the importance of healthy eating with Nick Wilkinson, Triad Regional Representative for Senator Thom Tillis.  Gretta King, daughter of You’re the Cure advocate Valerie King and Mr. Wilkinson put their culinary skills to the test and created a heart-healthy breakfast for the group.  What a great opportunity to talk about the consequences of obesity in children, the importance of nutrition standards for school meals, the role of nutrition in our overall health. 

The HHFKA has given America’s children access to healthier food options for breakfast, lunch, and throughout the school day.  Strong nutrition standards help provide a balanced diet so kids can grow and learn in the healthiest possible way.  Thanks to the HHKA students are eating 16% more vegetables and 23% more fruits. 

You’re the Cure advocates nationwide are out delivering a clear message to our members of Congress this August as our kids go back to school:  “We Can’t Go Back!”  We need to protect strong school nutrition standards enacted by the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act and reject any effort to go back to school meals loaded with salt, fat, and sugar.

You can help, too.  Step up to the plate with us in support of strong school nutrition standards and take action here

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