Complete Streets help us all be more active!

Are you looking for more ways to be active and getting around your community? The good news is that all residents have the right to ask their local governments to pass the Complete Streets policy.  When communities pass Complete Streets, streets will include bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, and curb ramps. These roadway features increase accessibility to schools, parks, and playgrounds for all residents, improving everyone’s health by making it easier and safer to be active.


Have you noticed in your community that getting around by walking and biking has been increasingly difficult due to a lack of safety features such as sidewalks, bike lanes, and crosswalks? This policy can ensure that safety for pedestrians and bikes are included when communities add or improve streets.

Complete Streets policy supports small businesses by increasing foot traffic and customers. Everyday destinations could be accessed without a car or needing to find parking space.

This policy also leads to re-connection between neighborhoods, which have otherwise been disconnected. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to benefit from Complete Street projects. With this policy, City planners need to ensure a percentage of active transportation projects are in under-resourced neighborhoods to prioritize action where it meets the greatest need. 

Do you have an interest in helping make your community become more of a walkable, livable community?  Please click here to sign up to be an advocate and learn how you can make your voice heard at the local level.

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