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Complete Streets are Safe and Convenient for All Users


When the NH Legislature reconvenes in January, the American Heart Association will be ready to advocate for policies which help create healthier environments for residents and visitors to the Granite State. Legislators will consider one such policy that will have long-term benefits to improving the health and vitality of our communities. Complete Streets is a term to describe projects which create roadways that are safe and convenient for all modes of transportation, including bicycles and pedestrians. A Complete Street approach supports good practices to designing roads that incorporate accessible sidewalks, bike lanes, safe street crossings, and other features that will encourage more physical activity. In fact, people living in walkable communities are shown to get 35 to 45 more minutes of moderate physical activity per week than low-walkable neighborhoods. Other benefits of Complete Streets are reduced traffic injuries, improved access to downtown shopping areas and parks and other economic gains for cities and towns.

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