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Columbia Considers Measure to Ban Tobacco Use in Parks


We continue to applaud communities across Nebraska who aid in the fight against tobacco and the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.  Recently, the Columbus park board voted 5-0 to ban smoking and use of tobacco products in parks where children gather to play.

We are aware of 18 other Nebraska communities who taken similar steps in their efforts to fight the harmful effects of tobacco on our health. 

Rebecca Rayman, executive director of the East Central District Health Department in Columbus also encouraged city officials to consider applying the policy to youth athletic facilities, such as baseball and soccer fields.

On June 1, 2015, Nebraska celebrated six years of clean indoor air. The Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act of 2008 went into effect on June 1, 2009.  Support for the law remains high at 86% and complaints have steadily declined from 129 in 2009, to 27 in 2013. The law covers enclosed indoor workspaces including restaurants, bars, keno establishments, other workplaces (retail/office space, manufacturing, etc.) and indoor public places.

The measure in Columbia, if approved, would restrict the use of tobacco in outdoor spaces such as parks where children gather to play. 

The measure will go to the City Council for approval. 

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