Healthy School Meals for All on November Ballot

Healthy School Meals for All (HSMA) will get its chance in front of Colorado voters! It’s officially on the November ballot.


Now is the time to work for a “Yes” vote on the initiative, which will create and fund the Healthy School Meals for All Program to reimburse participating schools to provide free meals to students.

For the last two school years, the Federal Government waived any income caps on providing free breakfast and lunch to public school students, but that Federal waiver ends on June 30.

Food insecurity is at an all-time high, and proper nutrition is critical to children’s short- and long-term health outcomes. HSMA will benefit hundreds of thousands of kids each day, eliminate the stigma some kids experience through participation in the free and reduced-price school meals program, and be a major step forward to eliminating health inequities.

Together we can help make sure all our students have the food they need for successful learning.

If you're passionate about this issue and want to be a Champion, please email Grassroots Manager Chris Turner at [email protected].

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