Colleen Rodgers Making Impacts in Wyoming


Colleen Rodgers is from Wyoming. She went to school in Cheyenne. She met her husband in Laramie. And she went to the University of Wyoming. Her two girls? Born in Wyoming. So when she decided to give back her time, she wanted to make sure she was having an impact in Wyoming.

As a Clinical Educator for RN and BSN students at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, she teaches the next generation of health care providers on giving appropriate care.  As a volunteer for the Mission Lifeline program in Wyoming, she co-chaired the protocols and quality improvement committee in order make sure that everyone in her community – no matter how far they live from Cheyenne or a town center – get appropriate care.

“Mission Lifeline is simple if you think about what we are trying to do. If we improve treatment times, we reduce deaths and significant injury from heart attack,” said Colleen. “Mission Lifeline helps to prevent sudden death in Wyoming.”

Colleen believes that the Mission Lifeline Program is crucial in rural communities in Wyoming.

“Because of the unique barriers in Wyoming, because of time, distance and resources, having good protocols is important to make sure that rural communities are acting in time to save lives,” said Colleen, “I’ve been in cardiac nursing for the last twelve years. My community is important to me and I want to make sure that everyone is always receiving high quality care.”

Colleen is most excited about getting Mission Lifeline funded in Wyoming.

“We were a little disappointed last year about not getting Mission Lifeline into the budget so I’m really excited to work on it at the State Legislature this year,” said Colleen. “With more support from the AHA with Kirstin [new AHA Community Integration and Advocacy Director], we are looking forward to other legislative priorities like CPR in schools and screening newborns for congenial heart disease.”


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