Cody and Jami Fitzpatrick

In 2009, when Cody Fitzpatrick was just 5 years old, he slipped under water and was found at the bottom of the community pool he was visiting with family. As 911 was alerted, an amazing bystander jumped into action. Jennifer Turner-Adams, or “Cody’s Angel” as the Fitzpatrick family refers to her, started performing CPR, and continued for an astonishing 15 minutes before EMS personnel arrived. After this terrifying experience Cody and his mom, Jami, decided they wanted to ensure that as many people as possible had the ability to perform this life saving skill, and they began working with the AHA to help train as many people as possible.

hero_image_alt_text===Picture of a boy standing next to his mom
thumbnail_alt_text===Picture of a boy standing next to his mom

The Fitzpatrick’s joined in the AHA advocacy work to pass legislation requiring CPR training for all high school graduates. Cody and Jami attended Idaho lobby day speaking to legislators about the importance of CPR and taught many of them the life-saving skill. In 2014, the legislation was passed through the state legislature and signed by the Governor.

This Spring, as the classes of 2019 are graduating across the state, is the first full year that all Idaho High School graduates will have had CPR training as part of their graduation requirements. This means that there are now thousands of people in communities across the state trained to perform CPR, just like Jennifer did for Cody.

Cody and Jami have continued to support the American Heart Association, helping to advocate for other important health policies and sharing information with as many people as possible about the importance of learning CPR.

Click here to watch a recent interview they gave about the importance of CPR.

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