Proposition II passes in Colorado

In case you missed it:

Proposition II, Preschool For ALL Coloradans, which provides universal free preschool for all children in Colorado, passed. Colorado took a huge step towards investing in the future of our state’s kids.

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With the passage of Prop II, more than $23 million in excess tobacco tax money will go toward preschool for all children in Colorado, giving more than 60,000 kids access to free universal preschool. It also retains tobacco and nicotine taxes at voter-approved levels from 2020’s Proposition EE, ensuring there was not a reduction of taxes for future years. 

We want to take a moment and sincerely thank YOU for helping make this happen. Your continued support helped make today a reality.

We are proud to be part of a large, diverse, statewide coalition of organizations that supported Proposition II, Preschool for All Coloradans. We know that universal preschool provides children with the ideal setting for building habits that help them grow up healthy by fostering social interactions, physical activity and nutrition education.

Looking ahead, we will continue to be a relentless force for supporting policies that will build a healthier Colorado.

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