Clearing the Air in NJ

NJ has not raised cigarette tax since 2009, putting us far behind our neighbors in NY and CT. But our elected officials have the power to change this and you can help!

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Cigarette taxes have proven to be an effective deterrent for smoking, especially for kids. For every 10% increase in cigarette taxes, there is a 7% decrease in youth smoking and a 4% decrease in the overall smoking rate.

New Jersey has not raised the cigarette tax since 2009. An increase of $1.65 would bring us in line with our neighbors in Connecticut and New York and provide revenue to the state that can be used to increase our funding of anti-tobacco initiatives and other public health priorities.

Smoking-related illnesses cost the state $4 billion in health care costs every year, $1 billion of which is paid for with taxpayer money through NJ’s Medicaid program. Raising the tax for the products that directly contribute to these illnesses will help to offset this burden on our state’s health care system. It can also fund resources for those that wish to quit and provide educational materials and programs for children to stop them from smoking before they start.

Despite the progress that we have made, smoking continues to be a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. I look forward to working with all NJ You're the Cure advocates over the next few months to urge our elected officials in Trenton to take action to continue the fight against smoking in NJ!

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