Chronic Disease Awareness Day 2017

Earlier this month, You’re the Cure advocates gathered to recognize the 10th Annual Chronic Disease Awareness day at the Colorado Capitol. It was an eventful day with more than 55 advocates learning how to effectively speak with their legislators. Advocates then had the chance to take those skills to the Senate and House floor to educate legislators about the burdens of chronic disease on finances, families, and individual’s lives.


The American Heart Association is one of 34 different voluntary health organizations that makes up the Chronic Care Collaborative. The Chronic Care Collaborative represents a wide range of chronic diseases and uniting on Chronic Disease Awareness day makes us stronger.

The day ended with a panel of speakers from the Chronic Care Collaborative, including Mrs. Colorado International 2017 and Senator Irene Aguilar. The audience was joined by fifteen lawmakers who were interested in the discussion. Overall, it was a successful day as advocates raised awareness about the 1 in 4 Coloradans living with chronic illness.

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