Christine Rochelle, Wall, NJ

Christine shares her stroke story to educate others about knowing the signs, symptoms and risk factors.

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One day, 27 year old Christine Rochelle started experiencing some worrying symptoms. She had an intense headache, confusion and was slurring her speech. She finally became so concerned that she visited the local urgent care. The health care providers examined her and told her that she was fine, but should follow up with a neurologist.

Christine’s symptoms eventually subsided, but she made the appointment with the neurologist for 3 months later, the soonest she was able to get in. The neurologist found that Christine was recovering from a stroke. This news was shocking to her. She had no idea that the symptoms she had experienced months earlier were those of a stroke.

Christine was lucky-she fully recovered and is in good health. She is expecting her first child this fall. However, she realizes that the outcome could have been much different, so she became an American Stroke Association Survivor Ambassador to share her story with others and educate them about the signs and symptoms of stroke.

In May 2018, Christine joined other “You’re the Cure” advocates at the State House to spread awareness of stroke and advocate for improved stroke care in New Jersey. During a demonstration, Christine volunteered to be the stroke patient and allowed an EMS team to demonstrate how they treat a stroke on the scene and what is done prior to transport to the hospital.

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