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Childhood Obesity Legislative Working Group Releases 2014 Recommendations


On Monday, the Childhood Obesity Legislative Working Group (COLWG) held a news conference to release their 2014 legislative recommendations. The event featured group co-chairs, Rep. Bob Dettmer and Rep. Kim Norton, as well as authors from the bills the COLWG endorsed. They also released a report providing background on the group and its current endorsements. You can access that report hereCOLWG's 2014 endorsements include:

  • Support the Safe Routes to School program with $6 million in bonding for infrastructure including sidewalks and improved pedestrian crossings. (Sen. Franzen SF687/Rep. Hortman HF797)
  • Require that Minnesota Department of Education prepare a report on the status of physical education in Minnesota schools including quality and quantity of physical education. (Sen. Kent 2207/Rep. Norton HF 2672)
  • Expand access to free school lunch by eliminating the 40 cent fee currently paid by working class poor families for a reduced-price lunch. (Rep. Selcer HF2480/ Sen. Hayden SF146)
  • Provide $65,000 for an Amateur Sports Commission Childhood Obesity Pilot program. (Sen. Johnson SF2511/Rep. Hortman HF1573)

The Minnesota News Connection ran a story for American Heart Association on the release of the COLWG report. The story featured the PE report and Safe Routes to School with comments from Rep. Dettmer and Rep. Norton. Read the text and listen to this story here.

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