Childhood Obesity is not just a national epidemic. It's an epidemic right here in CT.


Check it out! A recent study by the Dept. of Public Health found that nearly:

  • One of every six Connecticut children in K-3rd grade is overweight
  • One in seven Connecticut kindergarteners is overweight
  • More than one in six third graders is obese

These staggering rates not only have life-long implications for children’s health but will significantly impact their performance in the classroom.   Public policy is key to creating healthy kids for a healthy Connecticut.  The American Heart Association is working with partners to support a bill establishing a Childhood Obesity Taskforce in Connecticut to study the effects of obesity on children's health.  While there is a long way to go and many other priority policy initiatives, this is a sensible first step to addressing the epidemic in CT.

The task force will:

  • Maintain current information on childhood obesity
  • Examine nutrition standards for all foods procured by the state
  • Study the value of recess before lunch in K-12 grade
  • Advise the governor and General Assembly on how to coordinate and administer state programs to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity.

What do you think are some of the solutions to the Childhood Obesity crisis in CT?

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