Child Nutrition Update: Progress!

You’ve spent months telling your members of Congress to pass a child nutrition reauthorization bill and we are starting to see the fruits of our labor! While the House of Representatives introduced and passed a reauthorization bill out of committee months ago, the Senate has so far failed to act. But, thanks to advocates like you, things may be about to change!

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Our Federal Advocacy team has heard that your messages are getting through and there are now reports that the Senate is again actively working to include language to strengthen child nutrition in the end of year “omnibus” package that lawmakers are working to craft during the lame duck session! We don’t yet know when the end-of-year package come together or what specifically will be included, but the fact child nutrition is in the mix is welcome news. Thanks to advocates like you making your voices heard, Senators now know that we want and expect them to make the foods we serve our kids in school healthier and available at no cost to more students to help combat nutrition insecurity.

Kids need more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and fewer added sugars and saturated fats. Including language to strengthen child nutrition in the omnibus legislation would go a long way toward making that happen,

We can’t rest on our laurels now. Now is the time to make our voices heard loud and clear! Now is when we can really help inform the discussion and help Senators decide what to include and what not to. Now is the time to make the case for healthier meals available to more children!

With that in mind here are two easy ways you can pitch in and help us get child nutrition reauthorization across the finish line.

We will keep you updated as the lame duck action unfolds but please, contact your elected officials and encourage your friends and family to take action today!

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