Child Fatality Task Force Supports CHD Screening Using Pulse Oximetry


This week the NC Child Fatality Task Force (CFTF) met to approve their 2013 Legislative Priorities.  We were pleased that included in the recommendations was that the task force would support requiring all newborns to have a congenital heart disease screening using pulse oximetry before being discharged from the birthing center.  When the task force votes to “support” an issue that is their highest level of recommendation.  This means they will help champion the issue. We extend our thanks to You’re the Cure member, Peg O’Connell who addressed the task force and answered questions about the pulse oximetry issue.   

In the weeks ahead we will be working closely with the CFTF to promote congenital heart disease screening.  Please stay tuned to your email for action alerts and more information!  We will need all our advocates working with us. 

During the meeting, the task force also recognized several lawmakers that will not be returning in 2013.  These included Senators Atwater and Purcell and Representative Dale Folwell.  It was a moving tribute to these leaders who have worked hard together to promote issues that protect our children. 

We thank the CFTF for supporting this top You’re the Cure priority and we are looking forward to working together to save our littlest hearts. 

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