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CDC Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Programs


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program and its WISEWOMAN will each receive the same amount of funding in FY 2012 as they did in FY 2011. In this fiscal environment, this so called “level funding,” is considered a victory. In addition, Congress rejected the President’s proposal to consolidate chronic disease programs on: heart disease and stroke, WISEWOMAN, diabetes prevention, arthritis, school health, and physical, nutrition and obesity. So, for now, the Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program and WISEWOMAN will remain stand-alone programs. But, the CDC can pursue consolidation on its own and we expect the President’s 2013 budget to include a similar consolidation plan, as in his FY 2012 proposal. And, these programs would each be subject to a 9% cut in 2013 as a result of the failure of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction and the budget caps required under 2011 Budget Control Act for FY 2013.

The Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program is a state-based competitive initiative that helps Americans, particularly underserved populations, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, learn heart disease and stroke signs and symptoms, improve emergency response and quality of care, and end treatment disparities. WISEWOMAN, a state-based competitive initiative, helps uninsured and under-insured low-income women avoid heart disease and stroke by providing preventive health services, referrals to local health care providers, as needs, and lifestyle counseling and interventions tailored to their identified risk factors. Please watch the Advocacy Pulse for action alerts on these initiatives to help in expanding these programs to additional states.

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