Carol Dendy, Mississippi

I started having indigestion late one afternoon while meeting with clients. As I sat listening to the auctioneer present my clients with various alternatives to selling their home, the pain intensified. I told my client, who happened to be a doctor, about my symptom and he explained that it may be a gall bladder issue since I had no other symptoms of a heart attack. He advised me to go straight to the ER – just in case.  


I drove myself to the ER where my EKG was good, but my blood work indicated heart muscle damage. I know now that I lost valuable time in driving myself to the hospital; I might have been spared some muscle damage had I been treated by medics who could administer appropriate care en route and ensured that I received immediate medical attention once I arrived at the hospital. Any woman in need of emergency medical care should call 9-1-1! Not only can EMTs provide timely and necessary care, but they also ensure that you will be taken to a hospital that can handle your needs as a cardiac patient.   

After my catheterization, the cardiologist told my husband my arteries were as clear as could be. I was not overweight, exercised up to six times per week, and my cholesterol levels were as low as any he had seen. He said it was the most bizarre case he ever had.

Since then, I have made it my mission to educate others through advocacy about the importance of heart health.

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