Can You Spare 3 minutes for a Healthier Colorado?

With your help, HB19-1033 passed the Colorado House, but our work is not done.

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Current state law penalizes local governments if they decide to enact tobacco control policies such as adopting a tax or fee on cigarettes.  The loss of revenue can significantly impact city budgets and prevent cities from acting to improve the health of the community. House Bill 19-1033 gives the power back to local communities to make their own decisions without the penalty. 

We need you to call your senator today and tell them you support HB19-1033: 720-903-1085.

Tobacco use claims the lives of 5,100 Coloradans every year.  Nearly 8% of Colorado high school students smoke, and over 20% use e-cigarettes.  

Act now on 1033!  Call 720-903-1085 and follow the prompts to be connected with your Senator. With local control, we can empower communities to enact policies that are proven to reduce tobacco-use among youth and adults. 

HB19-1033 Script for Advocates 

Together we will be a relentless force for building longer, healthier lives in Colorado!

Rebecca Dubroff
Colorado Government Relations Director
Naomi Amaha-Golnick
Community Advocacy Director
Heyward Whetsell
Grassroots Manager

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