Calling All You're the Cure Superheroes!


Calling all You’re the Cure SUPERHEORES! (Yes, that means YOU!)

Forget Captain America and Wonder Woman.  When it comes to fighting heart disease and stroke, You’re the Cure advocates are the superheroes we’ll choose to have on our side every time!  That’s because no super powers or special gadgets can ever amount to the power of thousands of dedicated people who give their time and share their stories to bring about positive change.    

Wondering if the contacts you make to our nation’s lawmakers really qualify you for superhero status?  Just think about this... Everyday, heart & stroke patients are benefiting from life-saving research you supported.  Everyday, students are eating healthier meals in schools because of you.  Everyday, people have access to AEDs in more public places because you pushed for change.  And everyday, our neighbors are breathing smoke-free air because you cared enough to speak-up.  Because of you, we are saving lives and helping more Americans live healthier- and in our book, that makes you a superhero! 

Later this month is National Superhero Day (April 28th) and rather than celebrate fictional characters from comic books and action movies, we want to celebrate YOU!  So, we’re asking ALL of our You’re the Cure advocates to share a picture, showing us your best superhero pose.  Or you can share a picture of the special heart or stroke superhero in your life who inspires you to be an advocate. 

It’s easy to join in the fun!  Just snap a picture of yourself giving us your best superhero pose (bonus points for creativity!) and share the picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the hashtag #ytcHero.  Throughout the month, we’ll share some of great pictures on our social media accounts to showcase our powerful You’re the Cure community.     

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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