California Lawmakers Introduce 2024 Policy

I’m thrilled to share that AHA’s sponsored and co-sponsored bills have been introduced.  


hero_image_alt_text===California State Capitol
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  • AB 2887 by Assemblymember Maienschein (San Diego). More than 350,0000 people, including 23,000 children, experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital annually. AB 2887 aims to improve the chain of survival with two potentially life-saving steps: 1) Requiring schools to update their safety plans so they are ready to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest on campus and 2) ensuring there are AEDs onsite.

Currently 90% of people who experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital die. Having a plan to respond quickly and efficiently to sudden cardiac arrest can more than double survival rates. AB 2887 is key to the American Heart Association's goal of doubling the cardiac arrest survival rate by 2030 by turning bystanders into lifesavers and increasing the use of AEDs to save lives.

  • AB 3218 by Senator Wood (Santa Rosa): This bill will require the Attorney General to develop an unflavored tobacco list on the Attorney General’s website. This bill will continue      to strengthen enforcement of California’s landmark law prohibiting the sale of flavored tobacco products and further our goal to protect youth from a lifetime of addiction to nicotine,    reduce consumption of tobacco and improve health. The Speaker of the Assembly, Robert Rivas is a Principal Co-Author and the Attorney General is sponsoring this bill.

  • SB 1230 by Senator Rubio (L.A. County): The American Heart Association is committed to protecting kids from hazardous tobacco products. In 2022, Californians decisively voted to end the sale of flavored tobacco products, which tobacco companies have long used to appeal to young people. SB 1230 will strengthen enforcement efforts and further reduce      tobacco use, particularly among youth. Specifically, the bill will authorize the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration to seize restricted products under current law during regular inspections of retail stores. Assemblymember Wood is a Principal Co Author.
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