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Budget Cuts to NIH Will Result in Job Loss


Have you heard about the massive across-the-broad federal budget cuts, also know as the sequester, that are scheduled for January 2013 if Congress fails to reach another agreement? These cuts could have disastrous effects on medical research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and could delay many important breakthroughs in health research.

In addition to producing life-saving discoveries, NIH research also supports many jobs in our committees, including researchers, lab technicians, support staff and more. To highlight the effect the sequester would have, our friends at United for Medical Research have put together a map that shows the number of jobs each state stands to lose if the budget cuts happen.

Click the map below to see how research would be affected in your state. Don’t like what you see? Go to Research Saves Lives to urge your Members of Congress to protect NIH funding today!

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