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When I made it to my kitchen this morning, my handy L.L. Bean thermometer registered “-0.”  Yup.   It actually said “-0” which I did not know was an actual temperature—but apparently it was so cold this morning that just saying “0” was not enough.

Of course, this is Maine in January, so I should not be surprised.  My cubicle in Scarborough is a bit warmer, although not much.  I am really wearing that hat at my desk.  A good reminder to walk around the office to get the blood flowing.  The good news is that it is after 4:30 and still light out!  A little ray of hope on this brutally cold day.

I spent part of yesterday at the state house introducing myself to the Health and Human Services Committee.  I do the same in Taxation on Friday. Don’t worry—I won’t wear the hat… The introductions are my time to make sure the members of some of the most important committees in the legislature know what we are about and that they can trust us to give them reliable and factual information.  They also need to know that our advocacy network is almost 1,000 strong and paying attention to what they do.

 I end my introduction with this quote from AHA’s very first journal: 
“Observe also our emblem, the symbol of the fanciful St. Valentine, carrying with it the torch of knowledge.  Knowledge of the heart the world had has a-plenty, but not so much of the common sense, scientific variety that we seek to propagate.”

I thought it was a perfect summary of what we strive to do each and every day. 

Thank you for your help—by participating in our You’re the Cure advocacy network, you are propagating common sense and scientific information to the people making decisions every day that affect the health of the entire state.

As always, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email. [email protected]  207-523-3007

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