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Bringing Congenital Heart Defects to Light


Last Wednesday, the Ohio House Health and Aging Committee held proponent testimony on Senate Bill 4, the Newborn Healthy Hearts Bill.  As the first hearing with supportive testimony, several parents from around the state came to Columbus to shed light on this critical issue. 

As we know, science and research has found pulse oximetry to be the best test to detect a congenital heart defect at birth.  This non-invasive, simply and inexpensive test can be a life saver for babies.  It can detect a congenital heart defect in an otherwise normal looking baby.

The parents who gave testimony explained their experience and reasons for supporting universal screening for all Ohio newborns.  In addition, Dr. Allison Divanovic explained much of the science to committee members.

Special thanks to everyone who gave compelling testimony!

Pictured: Annette Salser, Alicia Winpisinger, Dr. Allison Divanovic, Anne Curwen with Sophia and Lauren and Tony Capo.

There will be an interested party hearing, tentatively scheduled for this Wednesday.  The goal is to have the bill remain intact, as is introduced in the House.

Visit our Action Center today to send a message on the important of this bill and the current language, which mirrors language already passed in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, California, South Dakota, North Dakota, Maryland, Arkansas, Utah and Oklahoma.

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