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New York mandates regular CPR training for State Troopers and NYPD

On August 27, Governor Cuomo signed “Briana’s Law”, which mandates that New York State Troopers and NYPD Officers undergo CPR training every two years.

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Signing the bill on that day is significant because August 27th is the anniversary of the passing of Briana Ojeda, the 11-year-old Brooklynite, for whom the new law is named.

Briana’s life was tragically cut short 7 years ago when she suffered an asthma attack which lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Her heart stopped beating and an intervening officer was not prepared to begin CPR. We are grateful to the efforts of the Ojeda family. Briana’s shortened life will inspire a legacy of strengthened training for these officers moving forward.

Thank you to all the advocates who took the time to contact the Governor and urged him to sign this potentially life-saving legislation. Citizen advocacy makes a difference and can make a positive and powerful impact on people’s lives.

Please take a moment to send a message to Governor Cuomo thanking him for signing the bill into law, and to Senator Jesse Hamilton and Assembly Member Felix Ortiz thanking them for their work in getting the bill passed through the New York State Senate and Assembly.

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