Bravo to you, our You’re the Cure family!


It’s hard to believe we are already in August and well into the second half of year. We would like to reflect on how far we have come in 2014, and all of the advances we have made in North Carolina this year.  We invested sweat and tears into multiple policies for our state, and we want to take this moment to thank you!

While we have work left to do on our policy initiatives from this year, we can say for certain that we made this progress due to the time and energy of our You’re the Cure advocates.  Every email, phone call, visit or letter to the editor that you may have written was resoundingly successful in conveying to our legislators across the state that you felt passionately about eliminating food deserts, funding tobacco prevention and cessation programs, and continuing to fund our Stroke Advisory Council.

We value each and every one of you, and we appreciate all that you have done as you have walked this journey beside us.  But we would like to take this opportunity to recognize our top advocates: you have been fearless and you have risen to the highest ranks of grassroots advocacy, and today: it is all about you!

Thank you to our Heroes:

Ilana Adlee, Becky Anderson, Diane Bevill, Amy Blackwelder, Tiffany Burk, Larry Calhoun, Candy Carter, G.W. Cheney, Diana Craft, Johnnie Davis, Cynthia Dequenne, Chanda Douglas-Ward, Lynn Elliott, Abby Fairbank, Michael Felmet, Christen Folk, Sloan Garner, Larry Goldstein, Johnny Hall, Allee Harrell, Russell Hindle, Katherine Jetton, Xiaoying Li, Patrick Libby, Dave Iloiselle, Joye Mullis, Jennifer Park, Emily Parkman, Jon Powell, Joyce Pusel, Connie Raper, Peter Reynolds, Kathryn Robinson, Joseph Skelton, Katie Spears, Angela Tompkins, Aleksandr Vendrov, Sheree Vodicka, Loretta Warren, Erica Winter

Thank you to our Aces:

Judy Allen, Robert Blackburn, Erin Brandon, Rebecca Burmster, Richard Chandler, Kim Chidester, Keith Cummins, Helen Donahue, Ginger Edmiston, Donald Harland, Pedro Hernandez, Sally Herndon, Julie Howell, Paul Kearns, Guy Lemke, Katherine Long, Kimberly Moore, Bonnie Pearson, Silke Rible, Audrey Rudisill, Gregg Stave, Jennifer Surface, Sherron Teal, Lucy Thompson, Tara True, Joe Vetter, Fern Webb, Kathleen White

Thank you to our Champions:

Frank Amend, Mary Mel Amend, Jeanette Avery, Mary Kay Ballasiotes, Michelle Ballasiotes, Ashley Bell, Michael Butler, Carolina Collins, Cassidy Collins, Jennifer Collins, Diana Cook, Dana Davis, Yolanda Dickerson, Neil Dorsey, Michele Duncan, Elizabeth Evans, Roxanna Evans, Zoe Gabrielson, Amanda Hodges, David Huang, Sarah Jacobson, Monya James, Dianne Jinwright, Kacie Kennedy, Valerie King, Nigel Mackman, Bill Malanowski, Dawn McCrumb, Dawn Moore, Peg O’Connell, Tracey Perry, Oscar Revilla, Kristen Riddle, Barbara Robless, Judd Rupp, Eric Sanchez, Robert Schechner, Pam Seamans, Shannon Smith, Lee Storrow, James Thomas, Paisley Tuffile-Payton, Kirsten Unrue, Betsy Vetter, Rosie Vetter, Marie Welch

While we have more to do when our legislators convene in 2015, this in no way negates all of the fabulous achievements we have made this year.  We look forward to counting on you to continue with us as we work for positive change in our great Tarheel State.

Thank you – for lending us your voice, and for being the Cure!

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