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Board of Regents discusses CPR in Schools...


It's been a long time coming... the NYS Board of Regents held their first public discussion on CPR in Schools at their December meeting! The item was briefly discussed on the P-12 committee agenda. Staff from the State Education Department (SED) presented on the new law and will begin the required process to gather input from interested parties. Regent Members touched briefly on some items including:

  • Highlight of the training in the Greece School district where over 5000 students were recently trained...Way to go AHA volunteers!
  • Discussion on when the training is provided in the schools day:  PE, Health or after school? Staff and other Regents addressed this quickly 
  • Discussion about liability protections. Other Regent members addressed this quickly.

In addition to the public discussion, we are continuing our outreach to Regent Members.  That's where we need your help - Regent members need to hear how CPR is easy and inexpensive...and more importantly, it works!

Action items:

  1. Take action – it is working! We heard from one Regent already that they have been impressed the number of New Yorkers reaching out. Here is the latest alert:
  2. Social media – once you take action, share it with others!
  3. Media - send a letter to the editor of the local paper to let them know you support CPR in Schools.
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