Blood Pressure is Front and Center!


April 7 was World Health Day and it was also the 65th anniversary of the World Health Organization.  The theme for this year’s observance was high blood pressure, which was the first time a noncommunicable disease was the focus. 

High blood pressure is preventable and treatable.  However, it is still the leading risk factor for heart disease and stroke.  It is estimated nearly one in three adults worldwide have high blood pressure, but many are unaware. 

In addition, this same theme was carried through to You’re the Cure on the Hill 2013.  The Million Hearts campaign has the potential to raise awareness of high blood pressure and encourage Americans to Know Their Numbers and seek treatment.  By modeling a campaign similar to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “Tips from a Former Smoker,” a similar impact could be made on high blood pressure.

While advocates were visiting Congressional offices, they encouraged members and aides to Know Their Own Numbers.  This is advice we should all take.  Do you Know Your Numbers?  Get screened now!


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