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May is National Bike Month. Where will you ride?

May is National Bike Month and was founded to showcase the many benefits of bicycling and encourage people to ride more.

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Cycling can promote both heart and brain health by strengthening the heart muscles, helping lower the resting pulse, and reducing cholesterol. Cycling can also help maintain brain function and mental sharpness. People are more likely to bicycle if there is a safe place to ride though.

The waterfront of the East Side of Manhattan is a patchwork of pathways and esplanades of varying widths and quality with several significant gaps. Mayor de Blasio recently dedicated capital construction funds to close the gaps between 53rd and 61st Streets and 125th Street and 135th Streets. This is great progress towards a complete Greenway that connects the entire Manhattan waterfront, but there is still more work to be done. Creating an accessible, continuous, and well-maintained Greenway would give residents of Upper Manhattan and the South Bronx a safe bicycling route to the heart of Manhattan, and a wonderful opportunity for daily physical activity.

Join us in supporting quality outdoor recreation and safe, active transportation so New Yorkers can live healthier lives!

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