Big CPR News in Utah!

Did you know that heart disease remains the number one killer of Americans and Utahns each year in the United States? An estimated 350,000 people (1,417 Utahns) experience sudden cardiac arrest in out-of-hospital environments. Sudden cardiac arrest is the unexpected loss of heart function, breathing and consciousness and commonly the result of an electric disturbance in the heart. Only about 1 in 10 victims survives.  Bystander CPR greatly increases a person who is experiencing sudden cardiac arrests chances of survival and that is why we are excited to share some big news about CPR in Utah.

hero_image_alt_text===A man practicing CPR
thumbnail_alt_text===A man practicing CPR

Telecommunicator CPR (T-CPR)

Most people assume when they call 9-1-1 the operator who answers will be able to walk them through administering CPR if it is needed but that was not actually the case until recently. We are thrilled to share that the regulatory process has officially completed and that going forward all 9-1-1 operators in Utah must be trained to walk someone through administering CPR. High-quality telecommunicator (T-CPR) program will help save lives from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and strengthen the chain of survival.

CPR in Schools:

CPR has been taught in Utah high schools since 2014 but during the 2021 legislative session funding for the lifesaving training was cut. During the 2022 legislative session not only did we successfully restore that funding, but we also supported legislative that made it state law that CPR be taught in high school. Prior to this legislation it was being taught after the State Board of Education ordered schools to do so but when funding was cut it made us realize that to ensure it be taught going forward that it needed to be codified into state law.

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