Big Tobacco Reverts to Old Tricks


You would be surprised to learn that we opposed a bill in the Florida Legislative Session this year that would limit access of e-cigs to minors, but that is exactly what we did.

Along with our tobacco coalition partners, we opposed House Bill 169 which had the intent to limit access of e-cigs to minors. However, during the legislative process some bad language was put into the bill that preempted local and county governments to regulate the product. For many years preemption has been a tactic of big tobacco companies to slow down the regulation of regular cigarettes and with this new popular product, they went back into their bag of tricks. For more information, read this article by The Ledger.

In the end, the preemption language was stripped out of the bill and the bill passed both the House and the Senate. The bill is now waiting to be signed by the governor.

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