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Big News to Create a Smaller Arkansas



Governor Hutchinson has released a plan designed to help combat the troubling obesity problem we are facing in our state.

Please take a minute to thank Governor Asa Hutchinson for his plan to combat obesity across Arkansas.

"Healthy Active Arkansas" is a 10-year plan designed to improve the health of all Arkansans by making it easier to make healthy food choices and be more active.

The plan includes nine focus areas, ranging from strong nutrition standards to promoting healthy workplaces. Making changes in the workplace, where many adults spend much of their day, is an important way to help people live healthier lives. Providing healthy food options in state government facilities can foster better eating habits and support the cardiovascular and overall health of public employees and visitors to those facilities.


Please click here to ask lawmakers to show support for healthy options in state workplaces, parks, and other public property! 


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