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Bicyclists have a lot to look for forward to in Colorado



Bicyclists have a lot to look for forward to in Colorado. Governor Hickenlooper wants to make Colorado “the best state for biking” over the next four years and he plans to spend $100 million to make this happen. If everything goes according to plan, there will be further development of the bike/pedestrian infrastructure and trail connectivity.  In addition, the Safe Routes to school program will be grown and sustained.

At the local level, the City and County of Denver are currently looking for feasible options to make the Broadway/Lincoln area a safer place for all travelers. Enhanced bicycle facilities, transit lanes, and pedestrian places will be the focus of the 3 alternatives that a project team will put together. Mayor Hancock's budget will be going to the City Council over the next month.

The AHA recommends getting the equivalent of at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity per week, and regular cycling is a great way to reach this goal. It helps to improve your heart and brain health, and reduce stress levels. So, let’s make these plans a reality! Share your support and let your local leaders know that pedestrian friendly streets and safer routes to school should be a priority in your community.

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