Being a Mom is Hard Work. Finding Healthy Food Doesn’t Have to Be.


Over the coming weeks, our advocates will be sharing why they believe North Carolina needs healthy corner stores.   

Help us bring healthy corner stores to our state in 2016 – tell your lawmaker today.

Anmarie Wyrick, from Matthews, says:

"Sometimes it’s just so hard to be the mom you want to be. When you’re sprinting out the door, balancing dropping the kids off at school and taking business calls, you forget breakfast. Or lunch. The only option left is to rush into a convenience store and pray there is something there worth eating, and more importantly, worth giving to your precious children to eat. It would be such a relief to know there were healthy options on hand!"

We all deserve the right to make a healthy choice for our families, wherever we live.  Tell your lawmakers today that you want all North Carolinians to have access to healthy, affordable foods and ask them to support HB 250, the Healthy Food Small Retailer Act.

Why do you think North Carolina needs healthy corner stores?  Let us know in the comments below!

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