Beat the heat while staying healthy this summer!

Summer months usually mean warmer weather, but with rising average temps, it’s all the more important to keep your cool. Staying cool doesn’t only make you feel better, it can be easier on your heart. So – how do you do heart healthy physical activity while enjoying the warm weather and how do you keep yourself cool? Here are some great tips to help you beat the heat while enjoying these warmer outdoor months.


It’s all about timing.

Timing your outdoor activity for earlier or later hours will let you be able to enjoy the weather when it’s not at it’s most intense time. Try to avoid 12p-3p when the sun is at it’s hottest. If the heat is still too much, consider breaking up your outside time with 2 or 3 shorter outdoor activities, giving yourself some time to rest when you need to.

Dress to be at your best!

The type of clothing we use for physical activity can be very important in helping us stay cool. Dress in lightweight or even moisture wicking fabric that can help you stay comfortable. You might also enjoy a cooling towel that can help your body heat stay regulated. A hat is one of the most important pieces to your outdoor ensemble if you want to stay cool. Also- don’t forget sunglasses and sunblock! Not only do they protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, but also help keep you feeling cooler in the hot summer temps.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate.

Hydration is a key component to staying cool and safe when being physically active in the summer heat. People are generally not getting enough water, but when you’re sweating, you’re using even more water than if you aren’t. It’s critical to drink even more water during the summer even if you aren’t being physically active. When you’re feeling thirsty, you already need to drink more, so don’t wait until you have a dry throat! Hard for you to get water in? Get a reusable bottle you really love, try infusing it with a little fruit, or even make herbal tea so you can get the hydration in without losing the flavor. Foods with a lot of water like strawberries or watermelon count too!

Staying physically active is important to heart health, but unfortunately access to complete streets and quality bike and pedestrian pathways are a barrier for people in many communities. That’s why we support initiatives that encourage increased funding and support to make it easier for everyone to walk, bike, or roll any time of year. If you agree this issue is important to you, please join us in taking action on these policies in your communities.

Hearing about these issues locally and want to see where we stand? We’re always here to help you to get the best information about transportation policies which make staying heart healthy easier for all.

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