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Be a Maverick, Fight for Wyoming's Youngest Hearts!

My Name is Marti Linnane and I am an advocate for the American Heart Association in Wyoming. You may have seen a few stories about pulse oximetry testing for Critical Congenital Heart Defects (CCHD) in the news recently. 


thumbnail_alt_text===Maverick and his mother

This screening is life-saving and life-changing. I know, because my son Maverick was born with a CCHD. CCHD affects 1 in 100 babies and is the deadliest form of birth defect. But by using a 45-second pulse oximetry test, CCHD can be caught, and a child’s life can be saved. Early detection is key, and through pulse oximetry screening, we can catch life threatening heart conditions in babies before they go home from the hospital.

Marti Linnane and her son Maverick

Governor Matt Mead is currently considering the rule changes that would require pulse oximetry testing for all newborns, and we need you to take action.  If you are the parent of a child with CCHD, or if you were born with one, or simply believe that the state has a responsibility to care for its smallest, most vulnerable residents, and would like to help make CCHD screening a requirement in Wyoming, please click here to take action by emailing Governor Matt Mead asking final signature on this lifesaving policy.

Thank you for looking out for the health of our smallest Wyomingites!

You're The Cure,

Marti Linnane

Maverick's Mom and AHA Advocate

 Maverick holding a softball

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