Ballots Have Arrived - Vote YES on I-185

The state mailed has mailed out ballots and there are some important issues on the ballot this year including Initiative 185 which does the following:

  • Raises the tobacco tax by $2, our state has not increased our tobacco tax in 13 years.
  • Does away with the Medicaid expansion sunset that would end expansion and take away access to affordable healthcare for 100,000 Montanans.
hero_image_alt_text===Yes on I-185
thumbnail_alt_text===Yes on I-185

Initiative 185 raises funds to pay for the continued Medicaid expansion program, as well as veterans, senior, and other crucial healthcare services.

The American Heart Association supports Initiative 185 because it will help ensure a healthy and productive workforce, create thousands of jobs for nurses and other medical staff, and help our rural hospitals stay open to provide people with the care they need.

More than 2,500 Montanans died in 2017 from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. We can do something about this by voting YES on Initiative 185 so hard-working Montanans don’t lose access to preventive care and the opportunity to manage their health risks.

No Montanan should have to lose their father, mother, or any family member to heart disease or stroke. We hope we can count on you to vote YES on Initiative 185!

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