Balance: It Is a Bit of a Stretch

Balance, it is a bit of a stretch, but it can be done. I hope.

hero_image_alt_text===A to-do list.

The key to 2018 will be balance. All of us have competing priorities and we were inundated with advice on how to achieve our 2018 resolutions, whether they be quitting smoking, losing weight, reading more books, spending time with family etc. I am not immune to the allure of setting resolutions. I, like most, am terrible at keeping them. Honestly, I set a resolution and 2 days later the Legislature comes back into session and my work life ramps up considerably and my "free" time decreases. So, this year: No resolutions. My goal from now on will be: work hard, relax, eat well, exercise often, take care of myself and family and not beat myself up if I can't do it all every day. My new mantra is balance.

Care to join me? This is good not only for your psyche, but your heart as well. Let's have a year where we are good to our hearts.

Happy New Year!

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