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Bad Legislation Is Making it's Way through the Legislature

Legislation that would take away the ability of communities to regulate tobacco and vape products is making it's way through the legislature and we need your help to stop it.  This legislation would not only stop future local control decisions it would overturn policies that currently protect nearly 500,000 Montanans.   

Message your state Senators TODAY and ask them to vote NO on HB 137!

Montana has a proud history of letting local officials make decisions because they know their communities better than anyone else. These bills would take that power away from them and put it in the hands of legislators in Helena who are often influenced by the tobacco industry. Further, these bills would slow down and even reverse some laws that local authorities have put into place to address the crisis of youth tobacco use in Montana caused by e-cigarettes. Between 2017 and 2019, the number of Montana youth who used e-cigarettes frequently increased by 243 percent! We need to end this crisis, not make it worse. It won't be easy but we are doing everything we can to stop this bad piece of legislation.

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