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Back to School With the Zoo Crew!

Meet the Zoo Crew! Schools across the nation are gearing up to GO WILD for Heart Health this year! If you hear someone in Youth Market say It’s a JUNGLE Out There- they are not kidding!  With the help of the ZOO CREW, Youth Market Directors will guide students, staff and families through the WILDLY adventurous and rewarding Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart school programs starting in September. 

hero_image_alt_text===picture of zoo animals
thumbnail_alt_text===picture of zoo animals

Through Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart, students at participating schools learn about the importance of taking care of their heart and how it works. They also learn the value of helping others and working together for a school goal, often built around how many potential lives can be saved with their donations. The school in turn receives educational resources and certificates to use for PE equipment so we can keep our kids MOVING! 

The Zoo Crew characters help the students connect with these heart healthy messages:

  • Lion: Roary McFiercely III inspires us to help others
  • Elephant: Mr. Tusker encourages 60 minutes of Physical Activity every day
  • Zebra: Savanna Bolt urges us to drink more Water and avoid sugary drinks
  • Panda: Jade Shoots eats more fruits and vegetables-so should we.
  • Monkey: Jenny Kicks says watch out for salty foods and KICKS them away.
  • Penguin: Finley Chillerton asks us to avoid cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Students who collect donations can earn the Zoo Crew characters on a lanyard as a thank you for supporting the American Heart Association.

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