Update from the State Legislature – Time to Stop This Bill!

Thanks to you, we stopped a bad tobacco bill (HB 2682) earlier during the legislative session, which would set back our efforts to protect our young people from tobacco addiction. Unfortunately, this bill started to move again, and it passed the Arizona Senate. It is now headed back to the House for consideration, and we need to stop it for good!

hero_image_alt_text===Teenagers at School
thumbnail_alt_text===Teenagers at School

HB 2682 has some real problems:

• It will create loopholes for retailers to avoid compliance and accountability in a one size fits all approach
• It would limit local governments from being able to act
• It establishes youth purchase, use or possession penalties that will hurt our kids
• It will not lead to a reduction in youth tobacco use.

We need to protect our youth, not create opportunities to punish them.
Tobacco companies have a history of keeping communities from being able to act locally to address tobacco issues and HB 2682 is another page out of that playbook.

It’s time we stop this for good. Help us let our lawmakers know we want them to stand up to tobacco interests and protect our kids from tobacco addiction.

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