Austin: Early Vote is Underway

Early voting is underway, and now is the time to show your support for a healthier and safer Austin by voting FOR bond propositions C and G.


Prop C, the Parks and Recreation bond, will provide critical funding for improvements to hike and bike trails, recreation facilities, and the purchase of land to build new parks. Our public parks are an important part to ensuring a quality of life for families across the community. We ask that you consider voting for this bond proposition.

Prop G, the Transportation Infrastructure bond, will provide funding for improvements to streets, bridges, urban trails, sidewalks, as well as important pedestrian and traffic safety measures.

We want to make communities and neighborhoods more livable by ensuring all Austinites can get safely to where they need to go – work, school, the library, grocery stores, or parks. These two bond propositions will go a long way in helping people feel more connected to the community and will provide more opportunities for Austinites to enjoy physical activity in their daily routines. Please vote FOR Prop C and Prop G.

Early Vote:

  • Monday, Oct. 22 until Friday, Nov. 2
  • Monday-Saturday (7am-7pm), Sunday (noon-6pm)
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