August Recess is Coming Soon

Summertime is in full swing! While many around the country have had very different summers than they planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some things remain the same. For Members of Congress that means that August recess is coming.

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August recess is more than just a reason for lawmakers to escape the humid DC summers (although that is why it started!). August recess is a 4-6 week period when Representatives and Senators return to their home districts and states to do what is known as district or state work. This is a time when Members of Congress typically host community dinners or townhalls and spend time in their local offices meeting with constituents to learn about what issues are important to them. While the in-person dinners and town halls largely won’t be happening due to COVID-19, there is one thing you can still during August recess and that’s meet with your Members of Congress virtually!

This is an ideal time to virtually meet with your lawmakers to promote heart healthy legislation and it is much easier to do than you think. While it may seem intimidating to call an elected officials’ office and request a meeting, know that is their job, that they are eager to hear from you and that they fully expect constituents to want to meet with them in August.

By virtually meeting with lawmakers and staff outside of Washington, D.C., you have a unique opportunity to develop lasting and impactful relationships with lawmakers. This is your chance to talk about the issues you care about that can have a BIG impact on legislation that impacts every American!

This August we’re encouraging advocates to meet with their lawmakers on a few key issues related to health care costs, child nutrition programs and more.

In the next week we will be sending a message to YTC advocates with information on priority legislative issues, toolkits with background information and talking points to share with lawmakers and key things to remember when meeting with Members of Congress.
August recess is almost here, so let’s make the most of the opportunity. Plan to introduce yourself to your Members of Congress and become an all-star advocate today!
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