Auburn takes bold action – prohibits e-cigarette and tobacco use in city parks!

After community members in Auburn voiced their concerns about taking their kids to local parks or going there to exercise because of exposure to second hand smoke and e-cigarette vapor the Auburn City Council has taken bold action and unanimously voted to prohibit e-cigarette/vaping and tobacco use in all city parks!

Community partners including the American Heart Association worked with the city’s Blue Ribbon Committee to craft the ordinance. At the public hearing eight people came out to testify in support of the ordinance including local retired surgeon Dr. Bruce Wadler. He spoke about the devastation that tobacco use has had on his patients as part of his testimony in support of the ordinance. 

hero_image_alt_text===A women standing at a podium talking to the city council
thumbnail_alt_text===A women standing at a podium talking to the city council

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We are excited to see cities like Auburn take these important actions to improve the health of their communities. After all, as Dr. Wadler said during his testimony “activity in outdoor parks for public recreation should be a healthy activity.”

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