Attention Illinois State Employees: Vote for the American Heart Association!


Just a little more than a year ago, you helped us pass H.B. 5480, a bill that amended the Illinois Voluntary Payroll Deduction Act of 1983.  As you will recall, this amendment made it a bit easier for organizations like the American Heart Association to be added to the state’s voluntary employee giving system.  Now that the changes have been made to the process, we need your help again to make sure the American Heart Association/ American Stroke Association can be a featured charity in the State Employee Combined Appeal Campaign (SECA).

You can help us in two easy steps:

  • If you are a current or retired state employee, please VOTE for the American Heart Association TODAY:
  • Help us spread the word!  Once you have voted or if your aren’t a state employee, please encourage others to vote.  Below is a sample message you can email or share on Facebook:

ATTENTION FRIENDS WHO ARE STATE OF ILLINOIS EMPLOYEES AND RETIREES! (This includes state university employees and legislative contacts.) The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association need your help! It doesn't cost anything and it takes 30 seconds!

The AHA is in the process of seeking approval to become a beneficiary of the workplace giving program for state workers, the State Employee Combined Appeal (SECA). Based on state law, at least 500 current or retired state workers have to support our application in order to be added to the list of SECA-participating charities. There is no cost or obligation; you're simply signing the petition to help the AHA be added to the SECA roster.

So, if you currently work or used to work for the state, please click on the link below to get more information and/or to vote to allow the American Heart Association to join the State Employee Combined Appeal campaign:

Please SHARE and REPOST. And if you know any state employees or retirees, please ask them to help! It doesn't cost anything but will greatly benefit AHA's fight against heart disease and stroke!

Still need a reason to help?  Take just a minute and watch this great message from State of Illinois employee Melanie Dennison.


Thank you for your help in spreading the word and helping us utilize the benefits of H.B. 5480!

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