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Ask Governor Ige to Veto Bad Legislation

You might have seen headlines recently that the Hawaii legislature passed a flavored tobacco restriction bill. While it is true a bill was passed, unfortunately that bill would result in restrictions in name only and that is why we are urging Governor Ige veto it.

Message Governor Ige TODAY and ask him to veto SB1570!

hero_image_alt_text===A rubber stamp on it's side and the word veto stamped on a white piece of paper
thumbnail_alt_text===A rubber stamp on it's side and the word veto stamped on a white piece of paper

The bill started out as a great piece of legislation, it covered all tobacco products and all flavors, and would have effectively help address the youth tobacco and vaping epidemic that Hawaii is experiencing. Unfortunately, during the legislative process a tobacco industry lobbyist was successful in having an amendment added to the bill that leaves thousands of flavors on the market and would keep the status quo regarding the tobacco industry’s ability to lure Hawaii kids into addiction to its deadly products.

We believe fixing a bad law will be harder than going back to the legislature to pass an effective comprehensive bill. We are committed to revisiting this issue in the future, but we need your help to ensure that the pending bill doesn’t become law first!

Governor Ige has until June 27 to release list of the bills he is considering vetoing. Send him a message TODAY asking him to put SB 1570 on his veto list!

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